10 Commandments


The Challenge


A year ago our church started a series on the 10 Commandments. Most people know the 10 Commandments or have at least heard of them. But when you think of the 10 Commandments what comes to mind? Boring, law, rules, strict, nothing fun. Well, the fact is, God gave his people these commands and they are applicable to us today. Our team was tasked with the creative opportunity to come up with a deliverable that would help people connect to these commandments that God has given his people.


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The Approach


Because the 10 Commandments are so well known if only by some as old rules, they come with good and bad connotations. We wanted to strip away old thoughts and feelings so that people could connect, be refreshed, and be ready to learn about what God has for us through the commandments.

We chose a bold typeface and a color on a muted background to give the visuals a modern look and feel. The brand is bold and exciting because it is relevant and not just an old set of rules. After a few different conversations, we came up with the idea of creating an icon for each commandment. We thought it was a new and exciting way to communicate these truths from God's Word to our people.

We wanted to strip away old thoughts and feelings so that people could connect, be refreshed, and ready to learn about the 10 Commandments.

10 Commandment Cards


To go along with the 10-week series we also created 10 Commandment cards to be take-a-ways each week. We developed abstract icons that represent each commandment. On one side, the icon, and on the other, a brief description and the series brand. We didn’t want the brand to just be seen on a screen and signs around the campus. We desired to engage with our people and help them connect to the series in a new way. The cards served as a reminder and a learning tool to remember what was being preached. People were highly engaged with the cards. We received countless emails and requests from people asking to get more cards because they missed one. It was a unique way to help communicate what we learned as a church body and a fun set of cards to collect.