Hi, I'm Ben!

I am a graphic designer living in Austin, TX and I am working as a designer at The Austin Stone Community Church.

I am passionate about spurring on the creatives in the ministry world so more people can know, love, and obey God. Through pushing pixels and writing words I hope to spark a conversation among creatives and inspire and encourage one another. 


Hi, I'm Ben.

I am a graphic designer living in Austin, TX with my wife and our 18 month-old son, and two dogs. Currently, I am the senior graphic designer at Kumveka, a non-profit marketing agency that equips ministries to make better decisions, maximize limited resources, and make their mission clear and compelling.

Since 2009 I have been creating, designing, and caring deeply for people and organizations doing work with a purpose. I am a passionate brand designer and striving to create meaningful work. I value clean design, memorable branding, and engaging visuals that help brands share their story.

For the last 7 years, I have been working in the design industry to help better the world through design one design at a time.

Not only do I want to continue to innovate through design but I want to develop other designers to do excellent work as well. I believe my legacy will be those that I can invest in and mentor to be greater versions of themselves.

To see the work I have been apart, click work. If you want to reach out and chat, please email me or click contact.

Thanks for stopping by!


Skills & Tools :

- Creative and Art Direction
- Branding and Identity
- Editorial Design
- Typography
- Print Production
- Web Design
- Photography
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Photoshop

Fun Facts:

- I love to rock climb.
- I have to have my morning coffee.
- I will always be down to eat tacos, pizza, and burgers.