Christmas & Advent


The Challenge


The Christmas and Advent season come as no surprise. They come each year and at the same time. However, it is always a challenge to display such an iconic time and subject with a fresh, encouraging, and inviting brand. This past season, our challenge was to brand our Christmas and Advent season at The Austin Stone while going through the book of Exodus.


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The Approach


As we began, the idea of incorporating the book of Exodus with the Christmas brand was daunting and difficult. Nonetheless, we welcomed the challenge. Our team dove into the scripture, brainstormed, and worked non-stop to come up with a solution. After countless hours of ideating and brainstorming, we came up with the idea of creating a scene and telling a story. We wanted to tell our story, the story of our salvation, the same ideas we were learning about in Exodus.


The Brand


God was leading his people out of slavery in Exodus. He led them out of Egypt, through the sea, and into the wilderness so that they could worship Him. He was authoring their story, the story of their salvation. He is the grand author, the masterful artist, and the expert architect. Our brand was a small step towards how God creates. We created a scene that tells a story. A story of a desert, the wilderness where God brought his people. Also, the story of the place our Savior was born. The story of how the plan for our salvation what put into motion.  


Advent Website 


We wanted something new for our Austin Stone Advent devotional. Something that would allow people to experience it in a new and fresh way alone or with their families. This past year, our team created the Advent digital experience. The clean look and ample whitespace welcome the viewers to journey through the Advent content and devotionals. We also collaborated with local artists who created original works of art that represented each day's topic. People and families were able to enjoy and engage during the Advent season in a new and modern way.