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Blog Launch - 2018


If you read the post “Why I Choose to Write”,  you’ll know I am writing to start a conversation. I am writing because it is the content that I want to be reading. Content that dives into topics like the process of a design project, the principles that drive my design, and why design in ministry is crucial. My passion, the fuel that drives me, is the intersection of design and the church. So, with that being said, I am launching a blog, in 2018, that will cover these topics and much more.

A small sample of topics to come include:

1. Collaboration - Why we cannot do work on our own.
2. How we (The Austin Stone Community Church) brand a sermon series.
3. Why Visual Design in ministry is critical.
4. Be humble - How to receive feedback well and learning hard lessons.
5. A call for excellence in design for churches and ministries - Going the extra mile, even in the details.
6. The 5 personal principles that drive me and my work.
7. How can we balance ambition and humility?

Collaboration is key

If you are a creative working in ministry, I would love to know what you want to read about. What questions do you have? What challenges are you facing? What do you want to know learn more about?

To give input and feedback into the content of the upcoming blog, fill out this short survey here.  

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– Ben 

Ben Johnson