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Why I Choose to Write


Austin Kleon, in his book “Steal Like an Artist”, said, “the best advice is not to write what you know, it’s to write what you like.” He goes on further to say “do the art you want to see… write the books you want to read… do the work you want to see done.”

Often, I don’t feel like I know much about what I am doing. I am always trying to read and learn more about design, design thinking, and best practices. All the while I feel like I make little progress in my work and craft. Ultimately, I don’t think that’s true and it’s a lie I fight. I work with an amazing team and I am blown away by the work we do and how God seems to use it.

But, with all that said, I am writing because it’s the content I want to read. I don’t feel like I am an expert. I am definitely not. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do want to know what others are thinking and doing in their work. I am writing because I want to hear from others. I want to hear from you. I have yet to find a lot content out there from designers and creatives working in ministry, sharing what they do and why. If it’s there, please share it with me. I would love to read it.

I am writing to start a conversation.

I am writing because it’s want I want to read from others. I look at other designers work, other churches work, and wonder:

  • Why did you do that?
  • Why did you make that decision?
  • Why do you do your announcements, emails, slides, etc. this way? Did you try different ways beforehand? How did you think to do that?
  • Do you have philosophies that drive your work?
  • What is inspiring you?
  • And a whole lot more questions!

My hope is by sharing my little bit of knowledge and opinions I can ignite a larger conversation. I want to learn from others about what they do and why they do it. Respond with your thoughts and with what you do.

Let’s learn, let’s try and fail, and let’s grow so that we can humbly and faithfully serve the church more.



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Ben Johnson