The Challenge


Men and Women’s Development Program, MWDP, is a year-long class where 200-250 people set aside one night a week and a lot of hours reading to study theology, learn from God’s Word, and grow in their faith. Since the beginning of this course, each student has kept all of the material, resources, and lecture notes, in a nice loose leaf binder. It was a good system to not only house all the documents from the course but it allowed for flexibility to add or take away material.

The problem that ultimately arose was as this program grew and was refined they desired a book that would not only house all the information a student would need but a tool that would really allow them to interact with the content and soak it in. We were challenged to come up with a workbook that would be a long-term resource for MWDP participants.


Creative Direction   /   Brand Strategy   /   Branding


The Approach


Our desire was to create a complete and unified text that participants could use and learn from. We created a foundation design and brand that was implemented into each volume of the workbooks. The structure, layout, and design is some and clear. This allows for maximum usability for the participants, which was a primary objective of the project. 


The Brand &
Book Design


Along with the book, we created four icons that represent the four foundational values of the program. The icons represent theology, character, spiritual disciplines, and gospel fluency. The icons are utilized throughout the book to texture and to serve as a reminder of the foundational values.

The book is designed with function in mind. Clear titles and headlines, a readable typeface, and a simple color system enable the workbook to look pleasing to the eye but also function well. Form and function interact so that the participants can learn and retain the valuable information.