Simplebulldog Studio


The Challenge


Simplebulldog is a multimedia creative team based out of Austin, TX. Simplebulldog fulfills film and design needs for Cru, an international Christian ministry. Simplebulldog creates compelling storytelling videos and produces short films that spark gospel conversations. They also have a small group of designers that produce material for ministry groups across the U.S.

As Simplebulldog has grown since it’s beginning in the early 2000s, the brand and logo have not grown with them. The logo and lack of brand limit Simplebulldog by constricting their identity and visibility to ministry groups. In the end, Simplebulldog wanted a new look and feel to capture who they are and how they can serve others.


Services Provided:

Branding Strategy  /  Visual Identity & Assets  /  Brand Guidelines  


The Approach


The challenge we faced with this project was capturing the essence of Simplebulldog. We needed to create a new logo and brand that would communicate who Simplebulldog is and what they do. They wanted the logo to be simple, modern, and professional.

The project took place over many months of working and refining. The first question we asked ourselves was, "Should the logo represent the actual work of Simplebulldog–video, film, and design–or the studio's name." From the beginning, we set out in two directions, a logotype and one that would be paired with an icon.

The old logo was ambiguous and it did not communicate what the studio did. After rounds of revisions and refining, we were set on a combination mark. We created an icon that would bring clarity to Simplebulldog Studio is and what they do.

The challenge we faced with this project was capturing the essence of Simplebulldog

Visual Identity & Assets


The final mark is a play button icon made out of film strips. The play button and the film strips help define Simplebulldog as a film studio. The logotype and icon depict a sense of motion and forward progress; characteristics that describe the work of Simplebulldog.

The bright, ripe, red color is one cornerstone of the branding. From the early days of Simplebulldog, red has been a key component of the brand. It is a component that has gained significant equity. Simplebulldog's new color is a brighter and softer red. It is a color anyone could be proud of!