The Challenge


Switch is a week long summer camp hosted in Austin, TX and put on by the For the City Network. Switch isn’t your average summer camp, it’s a little bit camp, a little bit conference, and little bit mission trip. While at the camp, students SWITCH perspective of God’s mission from simply being a couple dates on a calendar to a lifelong purpose for His glory. Students serve, learn, and have a ton of fun!

Switch came to us to rebrand the camp to a more modern and longer sustaining brand. The current brand was fun and playful but would not stand for a long time in it’s current state. Switch wanted the new brand to be something kids would embrace and represent the vibes Switch has to offer.


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The Approach 


When we started the redesign process our initial questions were focused on what kids like. We wanted to get into their mindset, see what they were digging, and embrace their personalities. After a lot of research, brainstorming, and sketching we decided to go with a simple logotype that would be flexible for years to come. 

One aspect that we decided to think through deeply was the color palette. In previous years, Switch’s color palette was a bright orange and a soft blue. They really enjoyed the color palette still but wanted flexibility to change the colors in the future. We sought out to create a large and dynamic color system that could change with the brand from year to year. 


The Brand


The logotype is simple and bold–something kids can wear proud on a tee or hat! It is flexible with a border, no border, slash in color or all one color. The “I” of SWITCH is a slash mark which highlights the idea of switching perspective and learning more about God. The colors in the brand also switch highlighting the same idea that God’s mission isn’t simply a couple dates on a calendar but a lifelong purpose for His glory. Along with the brand, we created an extensive color system to complement the brand from year to year, There is flexibility to the color palette allowing the brand to remain the same yet have a fresh look each year. 


Conference Materials


In addition to the brand, we were able to create the conference materials for SWITCH camp. We built out the brand in a lot of different mediums and formats. We were able to create shirts, vinyl signage, digital deliverables, a workbook, name tags, and more! It’s always cool to see a brand and a system come together. From the signage to the shirts and the book to the screen the brand was unified and created a great environment for the kids to learn, serve, and have tons of fun!